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Staining and sealing a wood surface can produce a durable finish that
accents and enhances the grain of the wood. We will use the proper
methods to stain and seal raw wood surfaces that will help to preserve
its beauty for a long time.

Power wash exterior surfaces;
Patch holes and cracks in wood;
Protect and cover plants and personal property.


_Discoloration of wood_
When the stain fails the wood can take on a gray or faded look.
If you notice your exterior wood turning a gray or faded color ( first
to go will be troubled areas like sun walls) it is time to re-stain.

_Rotting of wood_
If the wood starts to rot then you have waited to long. Now more
extensive repairs will need to be made. First replace the rotted wood
then re treat the wood. This is why it is so important not to wait to
long before re-staining. Stains are available in a wide variety of
wood tones, as well as pastels and solid stains.

Your local paint dealer has samples so that you can see how the
different stains will look on real wood. For wood with an attractive
grain (like oak) a good choice is stain that enhances the grain
pattern. For cabinets and trim made of less attractive wood or
mismatched pieces of wood; pastels or solid stains are a good choice,
because they conceal the grain of the wood.

Pine and other softwoods have uneven grains and absorb stain unevenly
this will create a blotchy un-even appearance. To prepare softwood for
staining we suggest applying a coat of wood conditioner. This will
help control stain penetration and achieve a more uniform stain job.